Tim Damerau is a Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist born in 1989.

In January 2020 he made his single debut with the song ”Du vet vad jag vill” (You know what I want). Tim has since then released a number of singles and two studio albums.

For Tim it all began on a hobby level and later grew into a more serious interest in music and to what today is a growing music career.

After the release of  ”Just bara vi”, recorded at Svenska Grammofonstudion, with producer Oscar Lindberg, things started to happen. The song was realeased on Spotify and has reached thousands of streams. Tim went on to record a tribute song to his hometown Gothenburg and its most famous avenue, the song is called ”Dansar genom Avenyn”. 

A song which is found on more than 1400 play lists on Spotify is the song ”Kärlek och tillit”, (Love and trust). It’s beeing played not only in Sweden but also in neighbouring Norway. The song has soon reached half million streams on Spotify.

Tim has been a guest on several swedish radio shows, including shows at the swedish national radio broadcaster, Sveriges Radio. He’s been interviewed in newspapers and magazines.

Anders Bagge, an internationally well-known swedish record producer told Tim that ”You’re exactly where you wanna be with your music, people will discover you and your music and you will find your audience – just keep fighting on.”

And Tim has been fighting on. In March 2022 he release the single ”Juline”. This song is dedicated to the solid love between a father and his daughter.  The song displays strong emotions and has spoken to a lot of people with it’s strong message of love.

In the autumn of 2022 Tim released his second acoustic album and managed to get one of the songs from the album on to the playlist of swedish national radio, Sveriges Radio.

Currently Tim has his own interpretation of ”Nangilima” by Smith & Thell out and you should stay tuned to what will be happening in 2023. 

In the spring of 2023 he released his first international song “Lovebirds” which was played on Sveriges Radio p4 extensively and at this time he also had his first sold out concert. Tim Damerau is the artist who captures his fans and is perfect for festivals, clubs and even those quiet harmonic gigs